About Cing Xin

Cing Xin established on January 15th 2006.  Main projects are customized built-in, plug-in antenna OEM and RF Cable Assembly.  It is deeply rooted in trading, antenna factory, OEM production system factory in Taiwan.  Cing Xin upholds profession and quality requirements to continuously increase factory automation equipments, appliances and professional governance to meet customer needs and requirements.  The fact Cing Xin acquired ISO9001 certification in 2010, which gained greater customer confidence and made Cing Xin a better competitive in the market.  Our values are Quality, Efficiency, Obedience, Compliance and “Please trust us we will do our best for your product”.

Main Product items
1. All kinds of antennas foundry and assembly services
2. RF antennas OEM and ODM services
3. Antenna proofing sample produced or produced by specifications.
4. Pole cable coaxial processing

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Congratulations on Cing Xing passed the ISO9001:2015 verification.